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Bond Projects

PROJECT 1:  Monroe High School

Original Project: Add 8 classrooms, 2 teacher workrooms and 2 teacher offices.

Remove/Repurpose mobile units.  Increase student capacity to 1,500 (Maximum).

Original Budget:  $3,452,760

Proposed Project: Add 6 CTE/general classrooms, add a new elevator and improved circulation.  FY17 and FY18 $1.8 million in CIP projects.

Revised Budget:  $4,275,313

COMPLETED PROJECT: 6 additional classrooms, new elevator and improved circulation.

PROJECT 2:  Porter Ridge Middle School

Original Project: Add 15 classrooms, expand Media Center, add 2 teacher workrooms. Remove/Repurpose mobile units.  

Increase student capacity to 1,600 (Maximum).

Original Budget:  $6,272,514

Proposed Project: Add 3 classrooms and 2 resource rooms, add Auxiliary Gym per DPI guidelines, bid this as a combined project with PRHS.

Revised Budget:  $2,892,852

COMPLETED PROJECT: 3 additional classrooms, 2 additional resource rooms and an auxiliary gym.

PROJECT 3:  Porter Ridge High School


Original Project: Add 4 classrooms and expand cafeteria.  

Increase student capacity to 1,800 (Maximum)

Original Budget:  $1,496,196

Proposed Project:  Add 2-4 classrooms, close in exterior dining space for additional seating capacity and circulation.

Revised Budget:  2,083,048

COMPLETED PROJECT: Additional dining space and circulation.

PROJECT 4:  Sun Valley High School

Original Project: Add 10 classrooms, auditorium renovation, new athletic stadium, expand administrative office area, add teacher workrooms, expand cafeteria and kitchen, new chorus room, HVAC and plumbing upgrades, ADA renovations.  

Remove/Repurpose mobile units.  

Increase student capacity to 1,800 (Maximum).

Original Budget:  $24,364,734

Proposed Project: Add 4 new CTE classrooms, repurpose administration for flexible use or classrooms, add new administration and cafeteria/kitchen, add new stadium, HVAC and bathroom upgrades.

Revised Budget:  $28,570,010

In Progress:  New stadium complex, new practice fields, new bus parking lot, 4 new classrooms, HVAC and bathroom upgrades, auditorium renovations, large group multipurpose classroom, performing arts classroom as well as new administration and guidance suites, main entrance, dining and kitchen areas.

PROJECT 5:  Western Union Elementary School

Original ProjectAdd 8 classrooms, expand cafeteria, add 2 teacher workrooms. Remove/Repurpose mobile units.  

Increase student capacity to 804 (Maximum).

Original Budget:  $3,882,437

Proposed ProjectImprove campus traffic circulation, screening and appearance, add canopies.  FY17 and FY18 $2.3 million in CIP projects.

Revised Budget:  $517,759

COMPLETED PROJECT: New connecting corridor for buildings, new canopies, architectural fencing.

PROJECT 6:  Piedmont High School

Original Project: Add 4 classrooms, two teacher offices and teacher workrooms.  

Increase student capacity to 1,600 (Maximum).

Original Budget:  $2,148,384

Proposed Project:  Renovate 6 existing science classrooms.

Revised Budget:  $1,597,653

COMPLETED PROJECT: Renovation of 6 existing science classrooms.

PROJECT 7:  Transportation Facility

Original Project:  Build a new transportation facility with adequate service bays and maintenance areas to accommodate entire UCPS bus fleet.

Original Budget:  $12,000,000
Proposed Project: 12 service bays down from 16, metal building construction with metal and block veneer cladding, offices-training rooms-parts storage, bus wash and support areas included.
Revised Budget:  $14,861,656
COMPLETED PROJECT:  Additional 12 service bays, offices/training rooms and storage area.
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